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What if your business could move faster, with greater accuracy and fewer resources? SYSPRO enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provides you with a structured view of how your company’s processes, systems, data and people are designed, so you can identify ways to work more efficiently. This can be critical especially when you’re dealing with increased complexity and growth. The advantage of business process management (BPM) integrated with ERP is that changes can be modeled, implemented and validated from a single system and data set. Contact us to learn how SYSPRO ERP can help you model and automate your business processes.

SYSPRO ERP business processes
With business processes enterprise resource planning (ERP) software (BPM), you can automate mundane and routine work where you need action to happen fast, consistently and correctly every time. Through greater automation, you can drive efficiency, manage bottlenecks and improve reliability. Business processes systems further reduces “ad hoc” spreadsheet silos, because information is connected and transparent throughout the company. This frees your staff to focus on resolving exceptions and more strategic work.
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SYSPRO ERP business processes can help you streamline your operations through workflow automation of everyday tasks, such as:
  • Finance and Accounting: Simplify your tax reporting. Produce financial disclosures. Pay bills. Create invoices.
  • Compliance: Create regulatory documentation dynamically. Create an audit trail. Control information access with tighter security.
  • Inventory: Automate orders based on demand triggers and out-of-stock alerts
  • Production: Systematize product kitting. Enable engineering changes to trigger actions. Create dynamic barcodes.
  • Return Management: Enforce your quality and inventory control processes.
  • Quoting: Create accurate estimates without human intervention.
  • Customer service: Process e-commerce orders based on business rules and your CRM data. Notify sales about stock issues. Notify customers about delivery status.

Key SYSPRO business process solutions

Inventory Management

Manufacturers know they can improve profitability and working capital through better inventory management, but many are not sure where to start or where savings can be found. They face an ongoing balancing act as they try to carry enough inventory to respond quickly to customer demand, minimize transportation costs, and minimize investment in inventory to reduce warehousing and storage costs.

Order Management

Order management systems (OMS) have been designed specifically to save manufacturers and distributors time in a significant part of the sales process: managing and fulfilling orders.

By incorporating a strong order management system as part of your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, you can improve productivity and provide much more effective customer service.

Planning and Scheduling

Planning and scheduling attuned to the various manufacturing modes, recognizes available resources, tools and equipment, required maintenance and quality as it lays out and maintains the best schedules for completing work on time and making the most of available resources.

Production Management

SYSPRO ERP Software provides a fully integrated set of tools to help you plan, execute, record, track and control your output. Our outstanding flexibility provides visibility throughout the production supply chain from suppliers, along production process, through to customers and is also able to integrate with other systems in the production environment.

Procurement Management

For supply chain leaders, strategic procurement and sourcing optimization play a vital role in mitigating immediate risks and planning for future challenges. SYSPRO ERP’s built-in, integrated and digitalized procurement solutions make strategic sourcing and supplier management more resilient and responsive.

Supply Chain Management

SYSPRO ERP has the built-in capabilities to create a truly agile supply chain with end-to-end visibility and collaboration across the entire ecosystem. This robust single-source solution, created specifically for the manufacturing and distribution companies, facilitates the required exchange of information between a company, its suppliers and even its customers – driving action, minimizing document handling, reducing errors and fast tracking order fulfillment.

Warehouse Management

Discover how the Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) for SYSPRO modernizes your inventory and order-fulfillment operations, providing significant gains in accuracy, productivity and efficiency. With WMS for SYSPRO, you can ensure that goods and materials are located where they should be, delivered to the shop floor just-in-time (JIT) based on demand, stored in compliance with regulations, and then accurately picked for dispatch to the customer.

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SYSPRO ERP Infinite Possibilities

SYSPRO ERP is functionally-rich software that provide capabilities to manage and support business processes, in manufacturing and distribution companies. The solution is aligned with industry trends to leverage emerging technologies.


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With SYSPRO MOM your manufacturing execution system is fully integrated into your ERP giving you a single platform to monitor and improve your factory’s performance from planning, scheduling, publishing, collecting, tracking and analyzing.

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